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Development Finance


Who can apply for development Finance?

Individuals, Ltd companies, SPV’s and investors can apply for development finance. We can assist with providing short term funding solutions based on increasing the value of property, New builds and heavy property refurbs. Using our extensive panel of lenders we will be able to offer you up to 70% LTV on day one with 100% build costs.

  • Ground up developments
  • Heavy refurbs
  • Interest ‘rolled up’
  • Funding in drawdowns throughout the project
  • Only pay for what you draw down

What is development finance?

Development finance is a product for individuals, Ltd companies or SPV’s used to kickstart a project from the ground up, carry out renovation of property being purchased or already owned. Development finance can be used for residential, commercial & mix use property within the Untied Kingdom. It refers to a large scale funding of renovation or significant building works – for example it can be used for a new build residential project or significant improvements/expansion of a current residential property or workspace development.

Development finance will most definitely be the go to funding for a developer looking to start from scratch with a ground up development project.

Ground up development finance is mainly used for funding larger scale projects and is designed to cover part of the land purchase and 100% of your build costs – should you already own the land outright and have secured planning permission the development finance can be structured for the development only. Should you own multiple property with sufficient equity you can also look into securing development bridging loans to assist with your project – this would be a viable option for a developer with a large part of funds tied up in property and not accessible until a property has sold or a longer term finance solution has been put in place.

Short term property refurbishments would benefit from using a development bridge loan, this will give you the ability to secure the funds for a period of 3-18 months with no monthly repayments to be made as all interest and fees will be paid upon redemption of the development bridging loan product. Development bridging loans are designed for the short term until the loan can be paid back or a longer term finance option is secured.

Larger scale renovations may benefit from a longer term bridging loan product or a commercial mortgage.

How extensive is the building project going to be?

This will be the most important question to answer prior to exploring the development finance options available for your refurbishment or renovation project. We focus on three categories for your development finance requirements and the way these are perceived by each funder will be different.

Light refurbishment – The straightforward project, this would be a general refurb of the property where the main changes will be aesthetic rather than structural, a light refurbishment development loan may involve some internal works to ceilings and floors.
Heavy refurbishment/renovation – Alongside aesthetic changes you will be requiring the removal or moving internal walls, adding rooms or external walls, plumbing, electrics or even demolition and rebuilding parts of the property.
Ground up development – Starting from scratch with a plot of land with planning permission.

Property development finance overview.

Depending on your proposed project there are many development finance options available within the current market. You may want to explore a refurbishment bridging loan over a longer term with the option to convert into a mortgage later on, this will generally be available for up to 24 months and is the type of product that will cover most light and heavy refurbishments.

The more significant and ground up development projects will require development finance. Development finance will cover 100% of your build costs and will assist with potentially over 50% of your land purchase costs.

Experienced developers that own multiple properties can potentially use their portfolio to secure lending, Providing the property has sufficient equity funds can be raised to purchase additional assets allowing a growth to your portfolio without the need for cash.

Where to start?

Property development is a very complex area and so is development finance. The best way to start is to establish what your project will be from the above information, speak with your builder and architect to gauge a timeline for your project. factoring in contingency and an idea of the costs for your proposed development project in a best and worst case scenario. Obtaining the right development finance for your project is crucial.

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